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Loretta Krispinsky, also known as Amber Madison, is the prostitute whom Peter Florrick consorted with (allegedly using government money to pay her), causing the sex scandal that cost him his job.


Florrick's competition for State Attorney, Glenn Childs, released a sex tape of Florrick and Madison, and Florrick was forced to resign as state attorney, leaving Childs in his position. Alicia Florrick, Peter's wife, was forced to take up her old job as an attorney to maintain her children, her fellow employee Cary Agos sent her the sex tape of Peter and Amber wondering if she had ever seen the full thing.

Amber once called Peter while he was having sex with Alicia prior to the sex tape's release. The sex tape became very public and has been seen by many people. She appeared on the Chelsea Handler Show because she was writing a book, and told Chelsea that Peter came to her because he wanted to have a threesome and his wife wouldn't do it; she also called Peter a very compassionate lover.

She called Alicia's office with a question, but Alicia cancelled it. Peter confronted Amber about phoning his wife, threatening his family, going on the talk show and humiliating his wife and children. Peter's lawyer, Daniel Golden, told her to stop writing the book, and Peter added that to protect his family, he would do anything. As Alicia was leaving, Amber confronted her, telling her that Peter had threatened her. Alicia ignored her the whole time, got into her car and drove away. As she drove away, Amber angrily yelled after her that they deserved each other.


Amber was played by Molly Slinger in the pilot, the first time she played a named character in a TV show. Amber was played by Kim Shaw in later episodes.