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Becca is Zach Florrick's ex-girlfriend who causes trouble for his family.


Becca is introduced to the show as Zach's friend and study partner. However, as the first season progresses, they begin dating. In the episode Fleas, Zach sneaks out to have sex with her.

Becca is manipulative. When Eli Gold discovers that she is the one who has been leaking information about the Florricks' personal lives on Twitter, he confronts her outside of her school. She at first seems unintimidated by him and tries to get the police to arrest him for being a pervert.

Although Alicia knows that Becca has betrayed her son's trust, she tells Zach that he should invite her over for dinner even though she makes it clear that she dislikes Becca. When Zach discovers that Becca was 'Upriser7,' he breaks up with her. However, Becca continues to pursue him, even turning up as a volunteer for Peter's campaign for State's Attorney. When she reveals that she knows the son of Peter's opposition from drama camp, Zach seems to become her friend again and together they create a fake profile (on a social networking site modeled after facebook) for Glen Childs Jr. When Glen Childs Jr. approaches Becca and blames her for making the fake profile, Zach comes to her defense.

During the heated campaign race in Season 2 when Wendy Scott-Carr threatens to allege that Zach helped Becca get an abortion, Eli Gold again confronts Becca. Becca tells him she visited an abortion clinic on May 18, but by revealing this information Eli calculates that this would have been the result of Becca sleeping with her after-school tutor and not with Zach.