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"Bitcoin for Dummies" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of The Good Wife and the fifty-ninth episode overall. The teleplay was by Robert King & Michelle King. The story was by Courtney Kemp Agboh. It was directed by Fred Toye.


Alicia takes on the case of Dylan Stack, a lawyer who has refused to reveal the identity of his client who is wanted by the U.S. Treasury Department for creating a new digital currency called Bitcoin. She finds herself in court against her old nemesis from when she had problems with Treasury, Gordon Higgs who, frustrated with it all, charges Stack with being the inventor of the Internet currency. Kalinda investigates and finds at least two possible suspects.

Meanwhile, Special Prosecutor Wendy Scott-Carr continues her investigation against Will Gardner. Will's lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni is proving to be her equal.


Main Cast[]

Special Guest Star[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Jim Cramer as Himself
  • Brendan Titley as Crypto Barker #1
  • Jeremy Beiler as Crypto Barker #2
  • Nicolas Flower as Richard 'Dick' Peckerman