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Blue Ribbon Panel is the nineteenth episode of Season 3.


Alicia is appointed - to replace Diane - to a blue ribbon police review board but it soon becomes apparent that most of the participants aren't ready to dig into a police shooting in any great depth. When she pursues the issue, it's clear she's rocking the boat and is warned there might be consequences. She perseveres.

Alicia is also in the market for a house and makes an offer on her previous home. She runs into some surprising competition.

Alicia is also representing Kalinda in her dispute with the IRS but after a meeting with them gets a visit from the FBI.

At the firm, the knives are still out for Will Gardner with three partners - Julius Cain, David Lee & Eli Gold - hoping to replace him as a named partner. They also want to strip him of any profit participation while he is not practicing law.


Special Guest Star

  • Matthew Perry as Mike Kresteva

Guest Starring


  • Vladimir Verailles as Ronnie Masters
  • Carly Street as Officer Trina Coffey
  • Alexander Gemignani as Mr. Lesher
  • Marcus Neville as Eric Adams
  • Kevin Hogan as Russell Danforth
  • David Drake as Jacques
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