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"Boom" is the nineteenth episode of the first season of The Good Wife. It was written by Ted Humphrey, and directed by Lesli Linka Glatter.


Stern launches his plan to take down Lockhart and Gardner and steal all their best lawyers, while a potential surprise witness emerges with dirt against Peter.




Jeffrey Sanborn’s widow, Karen Sanborn, is seeking punitive damages for her husband’s death which her new attorney, Jonas Stern, claims was the intentional act of SLG’s client, Charles Clay, owner and editor of The Cook County Vindicator.

A Muslim extremist group claimed responsibility for the pipe bomb explosion at the newspaper’s office after Charles published a controversial political cartoon that showed the image of the Prophet Muhammad being humiliated. Managing editor, Jeffrey Sanborn was killed in the blast. As Jonas and his team try to convince the jury that Charles published the cartoon to sell more newspapers, SLG looks closer at the crime scene and realizes that the bombing was an inside job.

Also, Alicia plays on Jonas’s dementia, throwing him off during the trial while Cary foils Jonas’s attempt at poaching a number of SLG associates.

On the personal front, Peter and the family attend a church service, but he uses this opportunity to secretly meet with Gerald Kozko about his potentially damning testimony. Alicia is furious at Peter for making her believe he had found religion and was trying to be a better man. She leaves and we end on Peter going after her with the electronic monitoring alarm going on.