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Cary Agos is a young lawyer initially working as a first-year associate in competition with Alicia Florrick for Stern, Lockhart & Gardner, who "changed sides" and went to work for the Cook County State Attorney's office but later returned to Lockhart/Gardner after a demotion. Cary and Alicia Florrick ultimately formed their own law firm in Season 5, Florrick, Agos and Associates. In Season 7 episode 18 "Unmanned", after having enough with office politics, Cary quits Lockhart, Agos and Lee. We see him again in the season finale working as a guest lecturer at an unnamed college.


Cary is introduced as a young and ambitious lawyer at Lockhart/Gardner. He studied at Harvard University and is described as an overachiever. Like Alicia, Cary is a new first-year associate at the law firm in 2009. At first, he comes across as a passive-aggressive foil for the show's main character. As his character develops, however, Cary shows he actually has a lot to offer. While he continues to compete with Alicia for a second-year associate position (as only one of them will ultimately be kept), he proves that he is a very capable lawyer, both adept at research and eager to learn.

Cary and Alicia team up on multiple occasions, and ultimately develop a mutual respect for each other. In "Hi", Cary (who is under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms with "an old friend from the Peace Corps" believing he has the day off) is suddenly called into work. Alicia, who correctly guesses that Cary is under the influence after speaking with him, keeps this fact to herself, even though exposing Cary would have ensured that she would win the competition between the two. This act greatly impresses Cary, who tells Alicia, "It's in my nature to be competitive, but I don't want you to lose."

Alicia does eventually win the competition, and Cary finds himself out of a job. At the end of season 1, Cary joins the State's Attorney's office under Glenn Childs. He is asked to obtain information on previous co-worker Kalinda Sharma but instead opts to tell her that she is being investigated. Cary is the one who first finds out about Kalinda's one-night stand with former State's Attorney Peter Florrick, but does not tell anyone about it. After Childs is defeated by Peter for State's Attorney, Cary finds himself worried for his job (again) due to his strained relationship with Peter's wife Alicia, but after meeting with Peter the two men instantly hit it off, and Peter decides to retain Cary. After distinguishing himself as one of the most effective ASAs in several prosecutions (nearly all of which are defended by Lockhart/Gardner), he is promoted to Deputy State's Attorney in "Affairs of State," but is demoted back to ASA for an in-office relationship with Dana Lodge. In "The Penalty Box", he is hired back at Lockhart/Gardner.

Cary leaves Lockhart/Gardner or LG to start his own firm (Florrick/Agos) with all the fourth year associates and Alicia. Will goes on a warpath trying to destroy their firm. The new SA Castro pursues the Bishop case in prison and gained his trust. His bail gets paid for by Bishop's lieutenant but the money gets revoked. Things do not look good for Cary and he agrees to take a 4-year guilty plea offered by the SA office. Diane tries a Hail Mary pass using a Brady violation unknowing to the fact that Kalinda had hacked into the police officer's metadata in order to create the evidence.


Kalinda Sharma[]

♙♙Kalinda: Your office is... small.
Cary: Yes. Small, but pure.
Kalinda: So, in the third year, do you get a window?

Cary has since early in Season 1 shown an obvious attraction towards Kalinda Sharma. In "Conjugal" Cary first revealed a fascination in her. In "Lifeguard", Kalinda famously tells Cary they're different as Spaghetti and Hydrogen. Cary, however, persists. In "Painkiller" he asks if she has a boyfriend. Kalinda, however, resisted all Cary's moves in the first two seasons. In "Great Firewall", after inquiring about why she told him about her new place, Kalinda tells him it "seemed normal". He then kisses her, telling her, "Welcome back to normal." In "Silly Season", Cary tells Kalinda of the fact that Childs is trying to investigate her. He discovers her secret one-night stand with Peter Florrick in "Wrongful Termination", but keeps it a secret. In "Get a Room", Kalinda asks him for information, and he answers that he thinks that she tends to "use people's feelings to further her investigations." She seems surprised by this information and asks, "Is that what you think I did? Use you? Cary, whatever I felt I didn't invent." In "Death Row Tip", while working on a case, Cary throws Kalinda to the ground during gunfire She thanks him, which prompts him to state that he "doesn't like her in his head". Afterwards, the two share a kiss in his office, broken off by Cary. In season 4 "Running with the Devil" it is suggested that their relationship progressed beyond a platonic one. As Cary and Alicia plan to leave Lockhart/Gardner, Kalinda walks a fine line being loyal both to her firm and her friend, but eventually betrayed Cary in "Hitting the Fan". This soured their relationship until they cleared the air in "We the Juries" after Cary played a trick on Kalinda by exploiting her ambivalent loyalties. He eventually entered into a sexual relationship with Kalinda and considered her to be his girlfriend.

Kalinda refuses to be in a monogamous relationship with Cary that leads him to break it off with Kalinda while still calling her his girlfriend. Kalinda went out of her way to assist Diane and the firm with Cary's drug charges and ended up committing a felony in order to clear Cary's charges.

Dana Lodge[]

Cary had a brief relationship with fellow ASA Dana Lodge which is against office rules. We first see them working on a case together in Affairs of State. After they break up, Cary tells Peter Florrick about their relationship, causing him to be demoted from his position of Deputy States Attorney. Which leads him to leave the State's Attorneys Office.


Cary is played by actor Matt Czuchry. His career path toward becoming a lawyer was not so smooth. One position to be a permanent lawyer is won by Alicia Florrick. Then he is working for the state's attorney's office. In Season 4, he lost the chance to be a partner in the law firm Lockhart Gardner for the time being. In Season 5, he eventually left Lockhart/Gardner and formed his own law firm with Alicia called Florrick, Agos and Associates. After Diane left Lockhart/Gardner she left and joined Cary and Alicia at their firm.