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Clarke Hayden
Portrayed by Nathan Lane
Occupation: Accountant
Gender: Male
First appearance: "I Fought The Law"
Latest appearance: "A Weird Year"
Appearance Count: 15

Clarke Hayden worked for Florrick/Argos & Associates as a lawyer but or also as a pro bono accountant. He originally was a court-assigned trustee to watch over Lockhart/Gardner as they struggled to pay off their debts of $60 million to their creditors.

At the beginning of season four, Lockhart/Gardner is having financial difficulties due to "[...] the loss of a major client (Patric Edelstein), late receivables, and an exponential increase in our lease". At the hearing to prevent the firm's liquidation, a Judge decides to have a Trustee assigned to the firm to handle the firm's "management problem of excessive debt and compensation." In a equity partners meeting where Diane and Will are explaining to them the details of the judges decision, Clarke Hayden introduces himself as the Court-assigned trustee to the dismay of the members of the firm.

The relationship between Clarke and the firm seemed to start off as a contemptuous one, or at least in the eyes of the firm against Clarke.Will and Diane begin to worry that he will cut too much and will leave the firm for worse in stead of better. David Lee in particular sees Clarke's involvement in the firm troubling.

Clarke soon begins to inventory the assets of the firm to see where money can be saved. He also starts to interview many of the firms litigators, focusing on the departments that he sees as too bloated. David lee soon decides that Lockhart/Gardner is a sinking ship and tells Will and Diane that he intends to leave the firm. Without Lee's business the firm may actually default and lead to the end of the firm. Lee then meets with Clarke, and then is told that of the 3 million he is owed for his investment and earnings in the firm that he is seen now as a creditor and will only receive a total of a $150,000.00 ($0.05 to the $1). When Lee asks why, Clarke replies simply "I don't like people who quit!" After these turn of events David goes to Will and Diane and states that he is staying with the firm.

As of Season 6 his current whereabouts or which firm he works is unknown.