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"Conjugal" is the sixth episode of the first season of The Good Wife and the sixth episode overall. It was written by Angela Amato Velez and directed by Rod Holcomb.


Alicia and Will work on the appeal of a death row inmate accused of killing a police officer. Knowing that her client was convicted of the crime under Peter's regime as state's attorney, Alicia agrees to his request of a conjugal visit in order to obtain any information Peter may have regarding the original case.




Stern, Lockhart & Gardner is temporarily assigned to handle a legal aid appeal in a death penalty case for convicted cop killer Clarence Wilcox, on the argument that he received an unfair trial due in part to a TV movie that could have prejudiced the jury pool. The appellate panel rejects the appeal, and the case returns to legal aid, but when meeting his family in court, Alicia and Cary come to believe that Clarence may have been falsely accused of robbing a store and killing a cop. Kalinda refuses her assistance in the case, believing it to be an "appeal by hunch."

Will and Diane assign Alicia and Cary to launch another appeal, an evidentiary appeal based on actual innocence. When Kalinda is unable to make a successful cross-racial eyewitness identification in a simulated demonstration, she begins looking into the case and finds enough evidence of police misconduct. It is enough to get Clarence Wilcox a new trial after six years on death row.

Kalinda's evidence leads her to visit Peter in jail. But Peter's visitors are always monitored except under once circumstance, conjugal visits. Alicia makes a reluctant visit. Peter tells Alicia that the detective in charge of Clarence's case had been accused of planting a gun, and Judge Richard Cuesta precludes all of the detectives reports. Finally, the only eyewitness recants.

They state's attorney's office drops all chargers and, on the advise of Judge Cuesta and Will, holds a press conference blaming their mistakes on alleged corruption from Peter Florrick's time as state's attorney.

Background Information[]


  • This episode first aired in on November 03, 2009.
  • On its first airing this episode attracted 12.74 million viewers.

Deleted Scenes[]

  • No deleted scenes are included on the season one DVD set.