Courtney Wells
Portrayed by Sonequa Martin
Occupation: Assistant
Paralegal (unsure, will confirm)
Gender: Female
First appearance: "Crash"

Courtney Wells is an aspiring paralegal and was Alicia Florrick's office assistant at Lockhart/Gardner.

She originally worked for Patti Nyholm, but quit in "Crash" to work for Alicia after being impressed by her much higher moral standards. Since Alicia and Cary are two junior associates vying for one position, they must share their assistant.

In "Unplugged", through a hole on the conference room wall, Courtney hears Diane and Will discuss choosing between Alicia and Cary. Courtney was about to tell Alicia, but when Alicia rebukes her about letting Eli Gold into her office again, and Cary commends her, she goes and warns Cary instead.