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Daniel Golden is an attorney working for Gosset, Harper & Long. He was Peter Florrick's lawyer during his appeal against his corruption conviction. He stopped working for Peter when he accepted a job at the Obama White House. He is portrayed by Joe Morton.


After Peter Florrick was arrested for using the government's money for to pay for prostitutes, he was sentenced to ten months in jail followed by an appeal. As Peter's appeal drew closer, Golden started sending gifts to Alicia Florrick for her kids and her mother-in-law and telling her to consider them family. Alicia confronted Golden to make him stop sending the gifts and stay away from her kids, to which Golden agreed. Golden and Peter soon realized that their only option was for Alicia to testify on Peter's behalf.

However, Golden asked Alicia to testify much earlier than she had expected to be asked to testify. He asked her to make it clear that Peter would be welcomed home, but Alicia did not want to lie in court. She testified, but Peter did not make bail. When he learned that Peter's prostitute affair, Amber Madison, was writing a book that would involve all of Peter and her secrets, he was not happy about it. Golden brought Amber to Peter's office, where they told her that they would hurt her badly if she did not stop writing the book.

Golden introduces Peter to the political consultant, Eli Gold in Bang.

Golden is the uncle of Dana Lodge, who enlists his help for a case in Affairs of State.