Dean Levine-Wilkins
Portrayed by Taye Diggs
Status: Alive
Occupation: Lawyer
Firm: Florrick/Agos
Gender: Male
First appearance: "Trust Issues"

Dean Levine-Wilkins is a lawyer recruited by Diane Lockhart, introduced in season 6 episode 2, "Trust Issues." He originally moves to Chicago to join Lockhart/Gardner on Diane's entreatment, but quickly learns she is leaving the firm. He confronts her after her "retirement" speech, and she reveals to him that she is jumping ship to Florrick/Agos, and suggests he join her. Although initially disenchanted by their offices and start-up vibe, he agrees, managing to bring along several department heads from Lockhart/Gardner.

Dean is portrayed as charismatic and gracious, but admits he has lived his professional life always pursuing the sure thing, the safe route. Following Diane to Florrick/Agos is a major change for him, but also serves his own ambition and desire to finally take a risk.

In "Dear God," Dean reveals to Alicia he planned to become a priest after leaving high school, but decided on law instead after reading "To Kill a Mockingbird."

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