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"Death Row Trip" is the eighth episode of the third season of The Good Wife and the fifty-forth episode overall. It was written by Matthew Montoya and directed by Joshua Marston.


When death row prisoner Ricky Parker, scheduled for execution in just a few weeks, tells a documentary filmmaker of the location of a body, the police actually find two bodies and Lockhart/Gardner finds itself defending a dead woman's fiancé charged with murder. With the clock ticking down to Parker's execution, the firm finds itself trying to obtain a stay of execution so they can interview him.

Kalinda becomes chummy with ASA Dana Lodge who clearly wants information in return. Eli Gold meanwhile works with one of Mickey Gunn's new clients who has a rather embarrassing photo that could cause him election problems.


Guest Starring[]

  • Romany Malco as Justin Coyne
  • Michael Kelly as Mickey Gunn
  • Monica Raymund as Dana Lodge
  • Michael Irby as Ricky Parker
  • Sarah Steele as Marissa Gold
  • Paul Fitzgerald as Robert Mulvey
  • Christian Coulson as Andre Bergson
  • Mark Margolis as Father Jim
  • Alex Cranmer as Tom LaVere
  • Bernie McInerney as Judge Jerry Glendon
  • Stephanie Kurtzuba as Public Defender
  • Mary Beth Peil as Jackie Florrick (with)
  • Leslie Uggams as Suzanne Packer (and)


  • Chris Matthews as Himself
  • Anne Marsen as Jennifer