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"Doubt" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of The Good Wife. It was written by Karen Hall, and directed by Félix Enríquez Alcalá.


While a jury deliberates a case involving a co-ed accused of murder, ballistics expert Kurt McVeigh reenters Diane's life, while the awkwardness between Will and Alicia intensifies.




Alicia and Will defend a college student accused of killing her roomate. As they defend their client Will and Alicia must deal with the tension that exists between them since the night of their kiss.

Bianca Price stands trial for the murder of her sorority mate, Heather Cross. Bianca, Heather and Josh Mundy, a guy Bianca had casually been seeing, engaged in a threesome while on the sleep aid, Volpidem. Because of the effects of the drug, Bianca is unable to recall the specifics of the event. Will meets with ballistics expert Kurt McVeigh, but McVeigh won’t take the case because the evidence he’s reviewed finds Bianca guilty. Diane’s feelings toward McVeigh have not waned since their last encounter and she agrees to dinner at his hotel while he’s in town testifying on another case.

Digging deeper in the details of the case, Kalinda discovers that the victim and Josh Mundy were stealing laptops and other electronics from campus buildings and dorm rooms. She also finds a video which shows Josh Mundy in a leather jacket that he removed from the room after Heather was shot. With the new evidence, McVeigh discovers that the shooting was accidental. Heather was going through Bianca’s drawers looking for valuables when she accidentally shot herself with Bianca’s gun. The defense is still unsure of the verdict as Diane’s and McVeigh’s relationship is brought up in court, casting a shadow on McVeigh’s testimony.

Unwilling to take a chance with the verdict, Bianca takes the plea bargain of second degree murder with a sentence of 10 years. We end on the jurors votes in the trash all reading "Not Guilty".