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End is the twenty-second and the finale episode of the seventh season of The Good Wife. It aired on May 8, 2016.


Peter has little time left to make a plea deal before the jury comes back with a verdict. Meanwhile, Alicia must decide whether her future is with Peter or with Jason, and she channels the ghost of Will Gardner to help make a decision.




The jury rises from deliberations, but not with a verdict: they want to hear the actual audio of a transcript that was provided in Peter's trial. Peter's defense scrambles to find a legal precedent to re-open trial proceedings to allow the jury to hear testimony related to the audio.

Alicia, reminiscing on her time with her former lover, Will Gardner, is able to locate one. Cary, who is now a lecturer, is approached by Alicia and Jason to help out with Peter's trial, and is able to find a lead on the missing bullets from the original case Peter oversaw as State's Attorney. However the strategy backfires when ballistics tests reveal the bullets were fired from Locke's gun, suggesting his guilt and helping to prove the prosecution's case.

While they are able to prevent the jury from seeing the ballistics tests, Diane and Alicia clash when Kurt McVeigh agrees to testify for the prosecution and they disagree as to whether they should undercut him in cross examination. Lucca cross examines Kurt anyway and imputes he had an affair with Holly Westfall, angering Diane.

Meanwhile, Eli, realizing the imminent end to Governor Florrick's political career, tries to maneuver his political backers into one day supporting Alicia. Aware of his own demise as Governor, and before the jury can return a proper verdict, Peter agrees to a one-year probation plea deal with AUSA Connor Fox.

Lucca encourages Alicia to talk to Jason. She finally agrees but Jason is nowhere to be found. She phones Jason to tell him the trial is over and talk to him about their future but gets his voicemail.

Alicia agrees to stand by Peter's side as he resigns from office but sees Jason's profile in the wings and leaves Peter to chase after Jason, only to find that it was not him. Diane walks up to Alicia, slaps her, and walks away.