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"Fixed" is the fourth episode of the first season of The Good Wife. It was written by Todd Ellis Kessler and directed by Dan Minahan.


Alicia must determine if jury tampering has occurred in a class action suit against a drug company. As her husband prepares for his appeal, Alicia is asked to testify on his behalf



Special Guest Star[]

Guest Starring[]

  • Joe Morton as Daniel Golden
  • Mary Catherine Garrison as Carol Demory
  • Patrick Heusinger as Ray Demory
  • Chip Zien as Judge Lee Sutman
  • Leslie Hendrix as Virginia Sun
  • Peter Benson as Dr. Stanley Winsor
  • Angel Desai as Lara
  • with Mary Beth Peil as Jackie Florrick
  • and Chris Bauer as James McCloon



Daniel Golden, Peter's lawyer, interviews Alicia in order to prove that Peter made untruthful statements at work in order to hide his infidelity from his wife, not in order to cover up something illegal going on. Alicia is not exactly happy about the idea. When she gets a phone call, she has to leave rightaway. Golden asks her when they can reschedule, and tells her to call him when she needs anything.

Alicia is assigned to a high profile class action lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company; one of their migraine drugs has allegedly put Iron Ma contestant Raymond Demory in a wheelchair. Alicia goes to talk to Demory's wife, Carol. She shows her letters from 138 other people who also were hurt by the drug; if the Demorys lose, none of them has a chance in court.

The defendant's lead attorney, James McCloon, accuses Ray Demory of only going after his clients because they have money. Diane angrily objects, and Judge Lee Sutman calls them both to the bench. When Alicia looks for a file, she finds a note that seems to indicate one of the jurors could be bribed for 35 000 dollars. Kalinda quickly identifies the piece of paper as the back of a placemat from The Hungry Kitten, a restaurant where they see James McCloon eating with some other lawyers.

Alicia shows the piece of paper to Will Gardner and Diane Lockhart. Diane mentions that McCloon was accused of unethical behavior before; they are unsure what to do, and decide to review the jurors with jury consultant Virginia Sun. She tells them about jurors number two and eleven, Marilyn Wolk and Calvin Tober. Kalinda is aggressive towards Sun because she and her firm use racial profiling, and starts investigating on her own. She soon finds out that the Wolks came into some money recently. She follows Marilyn's husband, who is a security guard at to the building where McCloon's law firm is.

In court, Alicia is called by Daniel Golden, who asks her about anything she might know about someone called Gerald Kozco, and if he was with Peter on certain days. She cannot help him, and also sets him straight when he tries to lure her with scholarships for her children. Back home, she goes through Peter's stuff and discovers a tape. When she puts it in a camcorder, it shows Peter in his underwear and a young woman giggling. Alicia sighs, thinking she has discovered another sex tape, but it turns out to be an old video of Peter and the kids preparing surprise birthday cake for her. She smiles, until she notices the day of the tape is one of the days Golden asked her about. Back in the kitchen, she finds a lot of gifts from Golden's firm, and throws them all in a bag which she later throws before Golden's feet. In a more than threatening tone, she tells him he should never again try to buy her -- or her kids. She then slams the tape into his hand and leaves. He is baffled for a second, but then smiles at the tape.

Diane and Will leave the decision of what to do about the jurors to Alicia; eventually Diane takes the matter to Judge Sutman, and McCloon quickly -- and happily -- agrees to use the alternate juror instead. They come to believe he set up the whole thing in order to get Marilyn Wolk replaced. Kalinda wants to continue with her investigation.

Back in court, a representative of the pharmaceutical company states that the drug Ray Demory used was never intended to be used against migraine.

Golden meets with Alicia, and apologizes the gift basket. He then asks her to look for the receipt on the bracelet Peter shows to the kids on the tape. Alicia starts looking for it, causing Jackie to think she needs money. While she examines the bracelet -- which turns out to be from Cartier -- Kalinda calls and tells her that Calvin Tober recently cashed in 20 000 dollars. They have found the bribed juror.

At Cartier, Alicia discovers that the bracelet was actually purchased by Kozco.

Kalinda tells Alicia that Tober just paid his ex-wife ten thousand dollars, and will likely receive more money soon. At the trial, while more and more victims of the drug show up in person, Diane enters evidence that the company tried to get their drug accepted as migraine medicine in Europe twenty months ago. Later, Kalinda follows Calvin Tober, who receives an envelope from someone at a street corner.

Judge Sutman angrily orders Diane and McCloon into his office, and orders them both to be silent or be held in contempt. The jury has reached a verdict, but the foreman -- Tober -- has informed Sutman that he has been followed by someone from one of the legal teams. Diane admits that it was Kalinda, and informs the judge about their supections that McCloon bribed Tober. McCloon is outraged, and Sutman orders Stern, Lockhart & Gardner to pay a fee of 80 000 dollars to the legal fund. McCloon speaks up, demanding an apology, which gets him a fee of 10 000 dollars for speaking without permission. They will now all go back into the courtroom and face the verdict.

The jury comes out, and Calvin Tober reads the verdict: the find in favor of the Ray Demory, and order the drug company to pay 800 000 dollars in compensatory damages and another three million dollars in punitive damages. It seems Alicia and Kalinda were wrong after all.

Outside the courthouse, Carol Demory says goodbye to Alicia, and gives her the box with the letters from the other victims. Alicia smiles, until she realizes that the Demory's car is the one Kalinda saw Tober being given the envelope from: the Demorys are the ones who bribed the jury.

Back at the firm, there is a big celebration. Alicia tells Diane about what their clients did, and says they have to tell the judge. Diane, however, says that the law has been served, and that they have helped a lot of people today.

Alicia visits Peter together with Golden, and they ask her to testify for Peter. Alicia is visibly unhappy about the idea.

Background Information[]


  • This episode first aired in on October 13, 2009.
  • On its first airing this episode attracted 12.98 million viewers.

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