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Gloves Come Off is the eighteenth episode of Season 3.


Alicia and Julius Cain represent a former professional hockey player, Grant Duverney, who is suing the maker of his snowmobile after the steering locked, causing an accident that led to his wife's death. When it appears they are about to lose the case, the defendants lawyer raises issues related to injuries Duverney may have suffered as a hockey player and which may have contributed to the accident. Alicia then suggests they also sue the hockey league which brings her up against her old nemesis, Louis Canning, who has a surprise for her: a job offer, one that Alicia may not be able to refuse if she wants to buy her old house.

Meanwhile, Diane Lockhart finds herself with two men in her life and Will Gardner is doing his best to keep his nose out of the firm's business while he is under suspension.


Special Guest Star[]

Special Guest Appearance by[]

Guest Starring[]

  • Brian Brown as Jack Copeland
  • Michael Boatman as Julius Cain
  • Deborah Rush as Judge Sally Rigsby
  • David Costabile as Zachary Hines
  • Peter Scanavino as Grant Duverney
  • Phil Burke as Cameron Raker
  • Erica Picininni as Miranda
  • Richard Bekins as Dr. Rubich
  • John C. Vennema as Paul Eckert
  • Zach Grenier as David Lee (with)
  • Fred Dalton Thompson as Frank Michael Thomas


  • Brian Carney as Coach Breen
  • David Shumbris as Mr. Dobbs