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Grace Florrick is the teenage daughter of Peter and Alicia Florrick, the younger sister of Zach and granddaughter of Jackie.


Grace Florrick is the teenage daughter of Peter and Alicia Florrick, the younger sister of Zach and granddaughter of Jackie.


Grace is confused and upset by her father's infidelity against her mother, especially since she had apparently always looked up to Peter and thought "he was perfect".

Season 1[]

When Peter finally returns home on electronic monitoring, Grace welcomes her father back and appears to try to get along with him. Although still initially reluctant, she eventually gets used to him and even tells Zach that she was finally enjoying having him around.

Grace dislikes their move from Highland Park to their new apartment, and even more so her new school. But when she remembers just how much she also disliked her private school when she started going there. Eventually, she accepts it and adjusts.

In Lifeguard, Grace finally makes a friend in school. She meets Shannon Vargas and becomes friends with her because of the thing they have in common: both their fathers are in prison.

Season 2[]

After Peter reentered the campaign for States Attorney of Cook County, one of Eli Gold's trackers videotaped her speaking as a supporter of Wendy Scott-Carr during one of her speeches. When Alicia confronts her about this, she tells Alicia that she thinks Wendy has great ideals, and then shows her a degrading video about Wendy's boob job. She believes that it is the doing of her father's campaign, but when she later finds out that it was in fact Childs', she is relieved and tries to make it up to her father.

In Bad Girls, Grace and Shannon insist on meeting Sloan Burchfield when they find out that Alicia is representing her. When Alicia does not give them details, they proceed and go to court to watch them, and even get to talk to Sloan. Impressed by her mother, Grace decides that she wants to be a lawyer just like her.

"Beat it! One hooker!"

After Zach and Becca post a viral video of Glenn Childs, Jr. in On Tap, Glenn Childs' campaign people then realiate by releasing a video of their own; this one of Grace talking about Peter's "one time thing" with Amber to their trackers that she meets in Taking Control.

In Nine Hours, Shannon is going to attend a Jamboree the next weekend, and Grace, despite her lack of belief and religiosity, wants to come with. Shannon then goes on and tries to prepare Grace for the Jamboree by teaching her how to pray. They then end up praying for everyone, even Carter Wright who is on death row. When Shannon's prayer that Carter be saved form his execution is answered, she begins to develop a genuine interest in religion.

When Jackie sees Grace and Shannon praying together though, she mistakes this as holding hands and assumes that Grace might be gay, so when Owen visits in Breaking Up, she asks him about it.



Like most teenage girls, Grace has a somewhat troubled relationship with her mother. She often disapproves of Alicia's behavior and decisions, and desperately wants her family back the way it was before her father's sex scandal.