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"Ham Sandwich" is the seventeenth episode of Season 2 as well as the 40th episode of The Good Wife. It was written by Keith Eisner, and directed by Griffin Dunne.


Alicia helps Bishop with his divorce and custody settlement, and helps Kalinda after she is subpoenaed to appear in front of a grand jury. Meanwhile, Eli changes Peter's campaign strategy to appeal to white, middle-class voters.


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With Derrick Bond now out of the way, Lockhart Gardner is keen to keep drug dealer Lemond Bishop - or at least the legitimate part of his criminal empire - as a client. Bishop's wife Katrina wants to divorce him, even though Bishop wants to reconcile, and Will assigns Alicia to work with David Lee on the case. They find that Katrina's lawyer is playing hardball, even after Bishop agrees to give her virtually everything she asked for. As Kalinda looks into Katrina she finds that Katrina is having an affair (one that Bishop will surely find out about soon, if he doesn't already know) and this is why she refuses any attempts at reconciliation. As Katrina's demands become more and more exacting, Bishop choses to reconsider his options.

Kalinda is subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury and on Alicia's advice, refuses to testify on the grounds she may incriminate herself. The chief witness against Kalinda is Blake, who implicates her in the battery of Dr. Booth. However, the direction of the questions suggests that SA Childs may not be after Kalinda after all. Instead it seems that Childs is really going after Lockhart Gardener. Kalinda plays her cards well and finds a way to make both Childs and Blake go away.

On the campaign front, Eli realizes Peter will have to appeal to an altogether different demographic if he's to win and attempts to secure the white, middle class vote. He changes Peter's campaign website to show only white families, essentially fires Pastor Isaiah (“just until the election is over”) and attempts to stop Zach from being seen with his black girlfriend.

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