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"Hi" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of The Good Wife. It was written by Robert and Michelle King and Barry Schkolnick and directed by John Gallagher.


As Alicia defends a husband accused of murdering the babysitter, she and her family prepare for the outcome of Peter's appeal and his possible homecoming.




Sonya Rucker, whose company is a client of Stern, Lockhart & Gardner, has a crisis. Her babysitter, Lisa Pruit, was murdered at her home and her husband, Jason Rucker, is the lead suspect. Will and Diane call in Alicia and Cary to help with the case. Cary thought he had the following day off and has taken mushrooms with a friend in from Seattle, but now must pull himself together for the next 48 hours. When contact is finally made with Jason, who claims to have been in a movie, they bring him into the firm and have him take a polygraph test before the police arrive to arrest him. As Will, Alicia and a tripping Cary question Jason, they discover that he was at his studio where he works on his graphic novel. Lisa was his muse on the project and would spend time at the studio, but their relationship did not go any further than that. At first Kalinda suspects the neighborhood security guard is responsible, but turns her attention towards one of Lisa’s classmates, Max, who got Lisa pregnant, but when she wouldn’t have an abortion, he killed her and tried to frame Jason for it. On the personal front, Peter is released on electronic monitoring, and as Alicia opens her door she sees Peter.

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"has Jason said anything"

"here is something she wrote... a short story" Alicia Florrick

" Is it a long hair..... take it" Will Gardner

"Every marriage runs on a few secrets Diane" Sonya Rucker

" If there is something you want tell me now is a good time" Diane Lockhart

"How many time did you sleep with the prostitute Amber Madison" Glenn Childs

" I am not testifying" Kalinda Sharma

" Hi" Peter Florrick