"Hybristophilia" is the twenty-second episode of the first season of The Good Wife. It was written by Frank Pierson, and directed by Frederick E. O. Toye.

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Will sends Alicia to disgraced CEO Colin Sweeney's home to handle merger details, but finds him with a dead body instead. Meanwhile, Glen Childs tries to save his case against Peter, and Cary searches for a way to get back at Alicia.

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Alicia is celebrating her victory with Kalinda when she gets a request from Will to get client, and accused wife killer, Colin Sweeney, to sign off on the new language in his company’s merger. When Alicia arrives at Sweeney’s apartment she finds him handcuffed to a dead woman and his dog has been stabbed to death.

The woman is identified as court reporter, Sheila Warburg. She was stalking Colin after his murder trial and he played along, but during their last encounter she was trying to kill him and he was only defending himself. As Alicia and Kalinda start putting together their case, they discover that Colin killed his own dog in an attempt to make his story more believable, but they also find that the victim, Sheila Warburg, had a history of stalking criminals.

With Sweeney’s company’s merger looking stronger without him in the picture, SL&G plead out and Sweeney agrees to an eight year sentence. Though he still claims his innocence, he admits to Alicia that he did kill his wife, so this is just. On the personal front, the charges against Peter are dropped and he is a free man. Also, after being fired by Diane and Will, Cary is approached by Glenn Childs about working in his office and he accepts

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