I Fought the Law is the 69th episode of The Good Wife.


The firm is facing bankruptcy and is trying to avoid liquidation. David Lee has announced that he is leaving and taking his lucrative divorce practice with him. A judge agrees to to allow them to reorganize and appoints a trustee, Clarke Hayden, to oversee the process. He casts a wary eye on everything from the art work to the fact that Diane and Will are co-managing partners. He proves surprisingly helpful when it comes to David Lee however.

Alicia is juggling several balls as she tries to keep her son Zach out of jail after he's stopped by an aggressive State Trooper. Zach actually comes up with a very practical weapon for his defense.

Alicia is also having to deal with a political reporter, Peggy Byrne, who wants to know more about her personal life than she is prepared to provide.

Kalinda meanwhile has to deal with her husband, Nick Saverese, who has now arrived in Chicago.

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