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Jason Crouse is a former lawyer, turned investigator, from New Jersey.


After Alicia Florrick and Lucca Quinn start their own firm, Jason is hired as their private investigator. He is mysterious and charismatic, often using charm to get what he needs. Jason was disbarred several years before his appearance due to an altercation in which he allegedly punched a judge after disagreeing with the verdict of an undisclosed case. However, when looking into that situation, Alicia receives conflicting information, with the judge Jason ostensibly assaulted (Judge Hess) claiming that Jason is a dangerous sociopath who can not be trusted, while a witness to the incident claimed there were raised voices and a bit of shoving, but no actual assault occurred.

Lucca, who suggested him to Alicia as an investigator in the first place, is his old friend and she often insinuates that Jason and Alicia would fit well together as a couple. Although he is offered much higher payment at Lockhart, Agos & Lee, Jason wants to stay with Alicia's and Lucca's firm and pretends that Alicia offered him more money. In his work, sometimes he uses unconventional methods, as same as Kalinda Sharma did (e.g. "Payback"), but also shows some impressive lawyer skills, gaining Diane Lockhart's respect. After some time, Alicia and Jason begin a romantic relationship.

It is revealed that Jason has some commitment issues. He wants things to be simple, and Alicia's life is everything but. He helps to investigate for her husband to keep him out of jail. Although he wants Alicia, Jason also wants what's best for her, and during Peter Florrick's corruption trial he begins to think that Alicia and Peter will always be a thing.


In a CBS video [1], Robert King and Michelle King explained that Alicia in the last episode chooses going after Jason instead of being with Peter (Peter representing weight, and Jason weightlessness). According to few articles (e.g. Variety [2], United Press International [3]), the show creators allegedly said in an interview that Alicia and Jason got their happy ending off-screen. In those articles it is described how Robert and Michelle King allegedly told that Alicia and Jason are in a long-term relationship after the events of The Good Wife.