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Jonas Stern was a legendary lawyer, and one of the founders and named partners of Stern, Lockhart & Gardner.


Stern was the founding partner at Stern, Lockhart and Gardner. He first hired Diane Lockhart because he thought it would look good to "have a girl on the staff". He next hired Will Gardner. He was later charged with a DUI and battery when really it was just because he had been diagnosed with Dementia. He returned to the firm hoping to represent himself but he met Alicia Florrick who had represented his daughter and asked her to be his attorney. Alicia proved to him that she was a good lawyer. Soon Stern learned that Will was trying to push him out, Diane thought it was because Stern had voted with her 90 per cent of the time. Stern said that he would bankrupt the firm before they pushed him out.

Alicia found out about his dementia, but Stern made her swear to invoke confidentiality. Alicia proved that the DUI may have been false because the breathalyzer test said that he had been sober and the policeman had failed to write that in his report. The judge dropped the DUI and battery charges. Soon after, Stern left to start a new law firm and took the clients and a third of the staff with him.

He died a year later during the night in his office. Louis Canning bought his entire firm.[1]


Stern was played by actor Kevin Conway.


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