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A list of all the judges that have appeared on The Good Wife thus far, arranged in order of first appearance.

Judge Richard Cuesta[]

Judge Richard Cuesta.jpg

Portrayed by David Paymer. First appeared in Pilot. Richaed Cuesta is a Cook County criminal court judge and a

former assistant state's attorney. In The Penalty Box, he is accused of prosecutorial misconduct in a case from his time as an ASA and is represented by Lockhart/Gardner.

Judge Charles Abernathy[]


Portrayed by Denis O'Hare. First appeared in Stripped (1.2). A Cook County civil court judge, Judge Abernathy is known to have liberal political leanings, but he is an impartial arbiter of the law. This finds Judge Abernathy repeatedly ruling against his own political beliefs. He is new to the bench at his first appearance in "Stripped" and is said to have a pre-existing relationship with Diane Lockhart.

Appearances: Stripped, Infamy, Real Deal, Wrongful Termination, Live from Damascus, The Art of War, What's in the Box?, Open Source

Judge Earl Hovick[]

Portrayed by Brian O'Neill. Appeared in Home (1.3). A Cook County criminal court judge.

Judge Hester James[]

Portrayed by Michelle Hurst. Appeared in Home (1.3). A Cook County criminal court judge.

Judge Lee Sutman[]

Portrayed by Chip Zien. Appeared in Fixed (1.4). A Cook County civil court judge.[1]

Judge Robert Parks[]

Images (1).jpg

Portrayed by David Fonteno. First appeared in Crash (1.5). A Cook County civil court judge. Patti Nyholm described him a "pro-business constructionist who detests nuisance lawsuits."[2] He plays basketball with Will Gardner.[3]

Appearances: Crash, Lifeguard, Heart, Poisoned Pill, In Sickness, Another Ham Sandwich, Rape: A Modern Perspective.

Judge Horace Dunn[]

Portrayed by Dick Latessa. Appeared in Unorthodox (1.7). A Cook County civil court judge.

Judge Megan Lowrey[]

Portrayed by Betsy Aidem. Appeared in Unprepared (1.8). A Cook County criminal court judge.

Judge Harvey Winter[]


Portrayed by Peter Riegert. First appeared in Unprepared (1.8). A Cook County criminal court judge. In Unprepared, Judge Winter presides at Peter Florrick's bail hearing. He is said to be friendly toward Peter, but allegations of an attempt to bribe him force Winter to deny bail. Winters also hears Peters motion for a retrial. Judge Winter is a member of the review board in Blue Ribbon Panel.

Appearances: Unprepared, Bad, Hi, Affairs of State, Blue Ribbon Panel.

Judge Franklin Yee[]

Portrayed by Ron Nakahara. Appeared in Threesome (1.9). A Cook County traffic court judge. He briefly presides over Jonas Stern's case until it is removed to criminal court.

Judge Carmella Romano[]

Portrayed by Joanna Gleason. First appeared in Threesome (1.9). A Cook County criminal court judge.

Appearances: Threesome, Bang, Pants on Fire.

Judge Henry Baxter[]


Portrayed by Tony Goldwyn. Appeared in Lifeguard (1.10). A Cook County juvenille court judge. Judge Baxter is friends with Will Gardner and is seen playing a basketball game with him. When he does not agree to a plea bargain for Alicia's client Terence Ramsey and imposes nine months of detention for the young boy, Alicia begins investigated Judge Baxter's sentencing patterns, looking for a way to get Terence Ramsey out of juvenille lockup.

Judge Keely Farmer[]

Portrayed by Suzzanne Douglas. Appeared in Infamy (1.11).

Judge Timothy Stanek[]

Portrayed by Peter Gerety. First appeared in Bad (1.13).

Appearances: Bad, Unplugged.

Judge Patrice Lessner[]

Portrayed by Ana Gasteyer. First appeared in Fleas (1.16). Patrice Lessner is a federal district court judge.

Demands that all lawyers mention that their claims be in their opinion.

Appearances: Fleas, On Tap, Foreign Affairs, What's in the Box, Old Spice.

Judge Howard Matchick[]

Portrayed by Chris Sarandon. Appeared in Taking Control (2.1). Argued With Alicia over the fifth amendment right.

Colonel Leora Kuhn[]

The Good Wife - Judge Kuhn.jpg

Portrayed by Linda Emond. First appeared in Double Jeopardy (2.2). She is a Judge Advocate in the U.S. Army's Judge Advocate General's Corp. She is first seen presiding over court-martials. In The Art of War, Colonel Kuhn seeks justice for an army captain who was raped. She does not appear as a judge in this episode.

Judge Jane Moretti[]

Portrayed by Leslie Lyles. First appeared in Poisoned Pill (2.6).

Appearances: Poisoned Pill, Killer Song.

Judge Suzanne Morris[]

Portrayed by Jane Alexander. First appeared in Silly Season (2.12).

Appearances: Silly Season, Closing Arguments, Battle of the Proxies.

Judge Peter Dunaway[]

Portrayed by Kurt Fuller. First appeared in What Went Wrong (3.11).

Appearances: What Went Wrong, Blue Ribbon Panel, Here Comes the Judge.

Judge Claudia Friend[]

Portrayed by Bebe Neuwirth. First appeared in 4x304px]]

Portra (3.17).

Appearances: Long Way Home, A Defense of Marriage, Runnin' with the Devil.

Judge Murphy Wicks[]


Portrayed by Stephen Root. First appeared in The Penalty Box (3.21).

Appearances: The Penalty Box, Battle of the Proxies.

Judge James Chase[]

Judge Chase.jpg

Portrayed by Kenneth Tigar. First appeared in I Fought the Law (4.1). A bankruptcy court judge for the Northern District of Illinois. Judge Chase adjudicates Lockhart/Gardner's bankruptcy and appoints Clarke Hayden as Lockhart/Gardner's bankruptcy trustee. Judge Chase reappears in The Seven Day Rule (4.13), again in connection to Lockhart/Gardner's bankruptcy.

Appearances: I Fought the Law, The Seven Day Rule.

Judge Gregory Kakissis[]

Portrayed by Adam LeFevre. Appeared in I Fought the Law (4.1). A Madison County criminal court judge who presides over the Madison County SA's case against Zach Florrick's.

Judge Michael Marx[]

Portrayed by Dominic Chianese. First appeared in Two Girls, One Code (4.3)

Appearances: Two Girls, One Code, Going for the Gold.

Judge Thomas Politi[]

Portrayed by Vincent Curatola. First appeared in Je Ne Sais What? (4.12).

Appearances: Je Ne Sais What?, The Wheels of Justice.

Judge Don Schakowsky[]

Portrayed by Christopher McDonald. First appeared in Bond.


  1. At the conclusion of the trial Judge Sutman dismissed the jury, thanking them for their "service to the State of Illinois"
  2. "Crash" (1.5)
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