"Lifeguard" is the tenth episode of the first season of The Good Wife. It was written by Tom Smuts and directed by Paris Barclay.


Alicia and Cary work on the case of a young boy named Terrance Ramsey who had been threatened and threw a book at his threatener causing major injuries including a broken eye socket. The opposition made Alicia a plea bargain but when they brought it to Judge Henry Baxter , he does not accept it and sentences Terrance to nine months detention, Alicia soon discovers that Judge Baxter may be a racist so she starts working to prove her theory and after Terrance is injured and brought to an infirmary, she must prove a point before he goes back to juvenile hall. Diane is offered a job as a judge for all she has done for women, Will encourages her to take it despite Stern's earlier departure. At school, Grace makes friends with a girl named Shannon who's father is also in jail, they become quite close but when Shannon's mom learns that it was Graces father Peter Florrick who sent her son to jail she forbids Shannon from talking to Grace, Jackie confronts her mom because she believes Peter was set up and she sprays her with the hose. Shannon and Grace manage to remain friends. Alicia discovers something unexpected about the judge that leads to him being put in jail, however because Diane helped her, she is not likely to be a judge, she says she will still run though.

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Guest CastEdit

  • Kate Burton as Chief Justice Victoria Adler
  • Marlyne Barret as Thalia Ramsey
  • Michael Gladis as Margy Vargas
  • Enid Graham as ASA Mark Richardson
  • Dash Mihok as Det. Frank Seabrook
  • Michael Boatman as Julius Cain
  • David Fonteno as Judge Robet Parks
  • Victor Slezak as Palgrave Director
  • Paulina Gerzon as Shannon Vargas
  • Christopher McCann as Howard Brightman
  • Steve Routman as Wallace Gibbs
  • With Mary Beth Peil as Jackie Florrick
  • And Tony Goldwyn as Judge Henry Baxter

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  • This episode first aired in on December 15, 2009..
  • On its first airing this episode attracted 14.17 million viewers.

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this episode was inspired by the kids for cash scandal.

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