Lloyd McKeon is a son of the wealthy McKeon family, one of Chicago's most influential business clans.

He hired two strippers, Christy and Maura for his bachelor party, and offered Christy an extra one hundred dollars for a private show. He then locked her in a bedroom and raped her. When she left, he tried to convince her not to tell anyone what happened. His family later used all their influence to discredit her, and the State Attorney decided not to press charges.

Christy then went to Stern, Lockhart & Gardner and had them represent her in a civil suit. This was not successful, during the investigation, enough evidence was discovered for the police to decide to arrest McKeon after all; he was charged with raping Christy, and thanks to a newly discovered DNA sample, he was sure to go to jail for a long time.[1]

Background Edit

McKeon was portrayed by actor Kevin O'Donnell.

References Edit

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