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"Parenting Made Easy" is the tenth episode of the third season of The Good Wife and the fifty-sixth episode overall. The teleplay was by Robert King & Michelle King. The story was by Courtney Kemp Agboh. It was directed by Rosemary Rodriguez.


Alicia coaches new associate Caitlin D'arcy in her first court-like appearance, an arbitration hearing. Opposing counsel is Martha Reed who Alicia had hoped to hire but was forced to hire Caitlin instead. The case resolves around a college professor, Pamela Raker, who claims she was fired after resisting the advances of her department head. When Alicia and Caitlin gain the upper hand, Martha calls in her boss - none other than Alicia's old nemesis, Louis Canning.

Wendy Scott-Carr pursues her case against Will Gardner and they hire Cary's friend, Andrew Wiley, as an investigator. Eli is feeling unloved at the firm. He decides to help out Will.

Alicia and Peter face a crisis when daughter Grace disappears.


Special Guest Star[]

Special Guest Appearance[]

Guest Starring[]

  • Anna Camp as Caitlin D'Arcy
  • Tim Guinee as Andrew Wiley
  • Monica Raymund as Dana Lodge
  • Bill Camp as Daniel Clove
  • Paulina Gerzon as Shannon Vargas
  • Grace Rex as Martha Reed
  • John Michael Higgins as Rodney Jesko (with)
  • Jennifer Carpenter as Pamela Raker (and)


  • Ismael Cruz Cordova as Jimmy Patrick