Ryan Alprin is a fake lawyer who runs Alrpin & Associates. Alicia worked with him in Unorthodox for the case against Jonas Stern's daughter, Anna Loeb.

Ryan is initially reluctant to accept Alicia as his co-counselor and second chair for the case, but after constantly badgering him, he eventually lets her. While working on the case together, the two bond over their opinions, and both become attracted to one another. Alicia, however, does not respond to and act on it because of his marriage, but Ryan tries to, only to be turned down by Alicia. When Kalinda finds out that Ryan is a fraud, she warns Alicia, who then threatens to tell the judge if he does not come forward. When he calls Alicia a last time to try and tell her something, he tells her that he is going to fix his mistake, but is never heard from again since.

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