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Sloan Burchfield
Portrayed by Miranda Cosgrove
Residence: Chicago

Los Angeles, California (former)

Gender: Female
Hair color: Black with violet stripes
Relatives: Paige Burchfield

Milla Burchfield

Appears in: "Bad Girls"

Sloan Burchfield is a teen-star who, because of her initial good girl image, plays bad girl for a while to "climb out of the Disney ghetto". After two DUIs, Sloan gets a third one, along with the accusation of the attempted murder of Yarissa Morgan.

When it is revealed that it was in fact Milla, her sister, who had rammed into Yarissa's car, she chooses to not turn her sister in because her sister would have spent more or less two years in jail for perjury on the stand. Milla, however, chooses to turn herself in for her sister.