"Taking Control" is the first episode of the second season of The Good Wife and the twenty-fourth episode overall. It was written by Robert and Michelle King and directed by Félix Alcalá.


Picking up from the season one finale, Alicia is about to join Peter on the dais as Will calls. Eli grabs the phone and gets Alicia to take Peter's hand. Will leaves two messages: the first saying he understands they should just drop it, then the second saying that he loves her, and he's not dropping this. Eli deletes the second message. Before they have a chance to settle things, Will gets caught up in the law firm merger and has to deal with the new partner, Derrick Bond. In court, Alicia is appointed as a counselor to an accused murderer who insists on defending himself.


Main Cast

Special Guest Starring

Guest Starring


  • Brian Hutchison as Congressman Timmerman
  • Rebecca Brooksher as Lana Timmerman
  • Montego Glover as Jeanine Derbeken
  • Eric Nelsen as Mark
  • Erica Hill as herself
  • Glory Crampton as a TV Psychologist
  • Flor de Liz Perez as Assistant #1
  • Charise Castro Smith as Assistant #2


Opening credits

Closing credits

  • Ridley Scott and
  • Tony Scott - Executive Producers
  • Meredith Averill - Story Editor
  • Kristin Bernstein - Unit Production Manager
  • Colin MacLellan - First Assistant Director
  • Sarah Rae Garrett - Second Assistant Director

Background Information


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