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This template substitutes in a properly formatted link to an episode name. To use this template, enter {{Ep|#xX}}, where # is the season number and X is the episode number within that season. For a version without a link enter {{Ep|#xXnl}}, where # is the season number and X is the episode number within that season. The template relies on the proper parameter being set up.

Current parameters include:

  1. {{ep|1x01}} for "Pilot"
  2. {{ep|1x01nl}} for "Pilot"
  3. {{ep|1x02}} for "Stripped"
  4. {{ep|1x02nl}} for "Stripped"
  5. {{ep|1x03}} for "Home"
  6. {{ep|1x03nl}} for "Home"
  7. {{ep|1x04}} for "Fixed"
  8. {{ep|1x04nl}} for "Fixed"
  9. {{ep|1x05}} for "Crash"
  10. {{ep|1x05nl}} for "Crash"
  11. {{ep|1x06}} for "Conjugal"
  12. {{ep|1x06nl}} for "Conjugal"
  13. {{ep|1x07}} for "Unorthodox"
  14. {{ep|1x07nl}} for "Unorthodox"
  15. {{ep|1x08}} for "Unprepared"
  16. {{ep|1x08nl}} for "Unprepared"
  17. {{ep|1x09}} for "Threesome"
  18. {{ep|1x09nl}} for "Threesome"
  19. {{ep|1x10}} for "Lifeguard"
  20. {{ep|1x10nl}} for "Lifeguard"
  21. {{ep|1x11}} for "Infamy"
  22. {{ep|1x11nl}} for "Infamy"
  23. {{ep|1x12}} for "Painkiller"
  24. {{ep|1x12nl}} for "Painkiller"
  25. {{ep|1x13}} for "Bad"
  26. {{ep|1x13nl}} for "Bad"
  27. {{ep|1x14}} for "Hi"
  28. {{ep|1x14nl}} for "Hi"
  29. {{ep|1x15}} for "Bang"
  30. {{ep|1x15nl}} for "Bang"
  31. {{ep|1x16}} for "Fleas"
  32. {{ep|1x16nl}} for "Fleas"
  33. {{ep|1x17}} for "Heart"
  34. {{ep|1x17nl}} for "Heart"
  35. {{ep|1x18}} for "Doubt"
  36. {{ep|1x18nl}} for "Doubt"
  37. {{ep|1x19}} for "Boom"
  38. {{ep|1x19nl}} for "Boom"
  39. {{ep|1x20}} for "Mock"
  40. {{ep|1x20nl}} for "Mock"
  41. {{ep|1x21}} for "Unplugged"
  42. {{ep|1x21nl}} for "Unplugged"
  43. {{ep|1x22}} for "Hybristophilia"
  44. {{ep|1x22nl}} for "Hybristophilia"
  45. {{ep|1x23}} for "Running"
  46. {{ep|1x23nl}} for "Running"
  47. {{ep|2x01}} for "Taking Control"
  48. {{ep|2x01nl}} for "Taking Control"
  49. {{ep|2x02}} for "Double Jeopardy"
  50. {{ep|2x02nl}} for "Double Jeopardy"
  51. {{ep|2x03}} for "Breaking Fast"
  52. {{ep|2x03nl}} for "Breaking Fast"
  53. {{ep|2x04}} for "Cleaning House"
  54. {{ep|2x04nl}} for "Cleaning House"
  55. {{ep|2x05}} for "VIP Treatment"
  56. {{ep|2x05nl}} for "VIP Treatment"
  57. {{ep|2x06}} for "Poisoned Pill"
  58. {{ep|2x06nl}} for "Poisoned Pill"
  59. {{ep|2x07}} for "Bad Girls"
  60. {{ep|2x07nl}} for "Bad Girls"
  61. {{ep|2x08}} for "On Tap"
  62. {{ep|2x08nl}} for "On Tap"
  63. {{ep|2x09}} for "Nine Hours"
  64. {{ep|2x09nl}} for "Nine Hours"
  65. {{ep|2x10}} for "Breaking Up"
  66. {{ep|2x10nl}} for "Breaking Up"
  67. {{ep|2x11}} for "Two Courts"
  68. {{ep|2x11nl}} for "Two Courts"
  69. {{ep|2x12}} for "Silly Season"
  70. {{ep|2x12nl}} for "Silly Season"
  71. {{ep|2x13}} for "Real Deal"
  72. {{ep|2x13nl}} for "Real Deal"
  73. {{ep|2x14}} for "Net Worth"
  74. {{ep|2x14nl}} for "Net Worth"
  75. {{ep|2x15}} for "Silver Bullet"
  76. {{ep|2x15nl}} for "Silver Bullet"
  77. {{ep|2x16}} for "Great Firewall"
  78. {{ep|2x16nl}} for "Great Firewall"
  79. {{ep|2x17}} for "Ham Sandwich"
  80. {{ep|2x17nl}} for "Ham Sandwich"
  81. {{ep|2x18}} for "Killer Song"
  82. {{ep|2x18nl}} for "Killer Song"
  83. {{ep|2x19}} for "Wrongful Termination"
  84. {{ep|2x19nl}} for "Wrongful Termination"
  85. {{ep|2x20}} for "Foreign Affairs"
  86. {{ep|2x20nl}} for "Foreign Affairs"
  87. {{ep|2x21}} for "In Sickness"
  88. {{ep|2x21nl}} for "In Sickness"
  89. {{ep|2x22}} for "Getting Off"
  90. {{ep|2x22nl}} for "Getting Off"
  91. {{ep|2x23}} for "Closing Arguments"
  92. {{ep|2x23nl}} for "Closing Arguments"
  93. {{ep|3x01}} for "A New Day"
  94. {{ep|3x01nl}} for "A New Day"
  95. {{ep|3x02}} for "The Death Zone"
  96. {{ep|3x02nl}} for "The Death Zone"
  97. {{ep|3x03}} for "Get a Room"
  98. {{ep|3x03nl}} for "Get a Room"
  99. {{ep|3x04}} for "Feeding the Rat"
  100. {{ep|3x04nl}} for "Feeding the Rat"
  101. {{ep|3x05}} for "Marthas and Caitlins"
  102. {{ep|3x05nl}} for "Marthas and Caitlins"
  103. {{ep|3x06}} for "Affairs of State"
  104. {{ep|3x06nl}} for "Affairs of State"
  105. {{ep|3x07}} for "Executive Order 13224"
  106. {{ep|3x07nl}} for "Executive Order 13224"
  107. {{ep|3x08}} for "Death Row Tip"
  108. {{ep|3x08nl}} for "Death Row Tip"
  109. {{ep|3x09}} for "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"
  110. {{ep|3x09nl}} for "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"
  111. {{ep|3x10}} for "Parenting Made Easy"
  112. {{ep|3x10nl}} for "Parenting Made Easy"
  113. {{ep|3x11}} for "What Went Wrong"
  114. {{ep|3x11nl}} for "What Went Wrong"
  115. {{ep|3x12}} for "Alienation and Affection"
  116. {{ep|3x12nl}} for "Alienation and Affection"
  117. {{ep|3x13}} for "Bitcoin for Dummies"
  118. {{ep|3x13nl}} for "Bitcoin for Dummies"
  119. {{ep|3x14}} for "Another Ham Sandwich"
  120. {{ep|3x14nl}} for "Another Ham Sandwich"
  121. {{ep|3x15}} for "Live From Damascus"
  122. {{ep|3x15nl}} for "Live From Damascus"
  123. {{ep|3x16}} for "After the Fall"
  124. {{ep|3x16nl}} for "After the Fall"
  125. {{ep|3x17}} for "Long Way Home"
  126. {{ep|3x17nl}} for "Long Way Home"
  127. {{ep|3x18}} for "Gloves Come off"
  128. {{ep|3x18nl}} for "Gloves Come off"
  129. {{ep|3x19}} for "Blue Ribbon Panel"
  130. {{ep|3x19nl}} for "Blue Ribbon Panel"
  131. {{ep|3x20}} for "Pants on Fire"
  132. {{ep|3x20nl}} for "Pants on Fire"
  133. {{ep|3x21}} for "The Penalty Box"
  134. {{ep|3x21nl}} for "The Penalty Box"
  135. {{ep|3x22}} for "The Dream Team"
  136. {{ep|3x22nl}} for "The Dream Team"
  137. {{ep|4x01}} for "I Fought the Law"
  138. {{ep|4x01nl}} for "I Fought the Law"
  139. {{ep|4x02}} for "And the Law Won"
  140. {{ep|4x02nl}} for "And the Law Won"
  141. {{ep|4x03}} for "Two Girls, One Code"
  142. {{ep|4x03nl}} for "Two Girls, One Code"
  143. {{ep|4x04}} for "Don't Haze Me, Bro"
  144. {{ep|4x04nl}} for "Don't Haze Me, Bro"
  145. {{ep|4x05}} for "Waiting for the Knock"
  146. {{ep|4x05nl}} for "Waiting for the Knock"
  147. {{ep|4x06}} for "The Art of War"
  148. {{ep|4x06nl}} for "The Art of War"
  149. {{ep|4x07}} for "Anatomy of a Joke"
  150. {{ep|4x07nl}} for "Anatomy of a Joke"
  151. {{ep|4x08}} for "Season 4, Episode 8"
  152. {{ep|4x08nl}} for "Season 4, Episode 8"
  153. {{ep|4x09}} for "Season 4, Episode 9"
  154. {{ep|4x09nl}} for "Season 4, Episode 9"
  155. {{ep|4x10}} for "Season 4, Episode 10"
  156. {{ep|4x10nl}} for "Season 4, Episode 10"
  157. {{ep|4x11}} for "Season 4, Episode 11"
  158. {{ep|4x11nl}} for "Season 4, Episode 11"
  159. {{ep|4x12}} for "Season 4, Episode 12"
  160. {{ep|4x12nl}} for "Season 4, Episode 12"
  161. {{ep|4x13}} for "Season 4, Episode 13"
  162. {{ep|4x13nl}} for "Season 4, Episode 13"

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