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Trust Issues is the second episode of Season 6 of The Good Wife.


Alicia takes over one of Cary's cases, which involves Neil Gross's wife, who having been made General Counsel of Chum Hum becomes concerned over Cary's arrest. Alicia must also find a new source for Cary's bail money, which is withdrawn after she is unable to prevent Bishop getting subpoenaed over Finn's source of funds dispute. Kalinda's investigation into the wire recording that implicates Cary takes a bad turn as one witness is killed by Bishop, who mistook him for the confidential informant. Diane, on the verge of retiring from Lockhart/Gardner & Canning, attempts to get a partner, Dean, to come with her to Florrick/Agos. Eli, meanwhile, now having Peter's approval to pursue Alicia's State's Attorney campaign, again tries to convince Alicia to run.