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"Unprepared" is the eigth episode of the first season of The Good Wife. It was written by Corinne Brinkerhoff and directed by Jim McKay.


Alicia and Cary are assigned to prepare witnesses in the case of a university scientist who is accused of setting her lab on fire. The woman faces a possible 15 years in prison and is adamant that she is innocent. Unfortunately, her rambling manner makes her a less than ideal witness and they decide not to put her on the stand. They're preparing a reasonable case but come across some key evidence from one of the witnesses. Alicia also finds herself unexpectedly in court when the judge in her husband's case not only grants an evidentiary hearing but agrees to hear arguments about the possibility of bail. She's not sure she's prepared to suddenly have him back but she is certainly expected to say so in court. At home, her son, Zach, sets up a video camera to see who is leaving the brown envelopes they've been getting.



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  • This episode first aired in on November 17, 2009.
  • On its first airing this episode attracted 12.70 million viewers.

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Deleted Scenes[]

The Season One DVD box set does not include any deleted scenes from "Unprepared."


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