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Hi! I just started watching The Good Wife around a month ago (yea i am very late on the trend). I have always like looking through Wikia to see what the drama I was watching was about, that's why I am here! 

So I am currently watching Season 5 and I realised since Season 2 the episodes pages were not very infomative, so I started to add synposis on the pages as I go along. I have been going on different sources (imdb, wikipedia and so on) to find the informaton I need and adding it to this wiki whenever I think is relevant to the wiki. But it seems like there is no other people editing and there is not much activites going on here. 

I have many question and here are my questions: Does anyone still read this wiki? Should I continue adding infomation in this wiki? Is the informations I have added helpful?

Thanks for reading this:) Have a nice day!